“A dream does not become a reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work.”

– Colin Powell

Throughout life, people are told that hard work pays off. However, nobody tells how long it will take. Over the period, we have seen our ancestors and elders strive hard against time and space in order to get a certain thing. Comparatively, life has been a little easier on this generation because of constant discoveries and developments. But revolution does not mean lower challenges because every new opportunity has new risks attached to it. As people grow up, they understand the importance of hard work, determination, and the ability to embrace challenges. Among the list of those who stood firm against the obstacles of life lies the name of Grant Mittelenher, an epitome of dedication.

Even though the technological revolution has made our lives easier by lessening the burden of our tasks still, hurdles and struggles remain constant. No matter which generation one belongs to, in order to attain success, they need to get out of their comfort zone and hustle hard. People like Grant Mittelehner are the ones who make others believe in destiny and the benefits of hard work. Since the beginning, we have seen a lot of people start from the bottom and end up on the top. These people are the sign that there is no rest for the courageous ones. The world is a harsh place. To be here, one has to be strong, independent, and a firm believer in destiny. Apart from being a humble human being, Grant Mittelehner showed the corporate sector that determination can lead you where you deserve to be, on the top.

Grant’s Journey Decoded

Success does not come unearned. People need to step out of their comfort zone, understand the changing patterns, and embrace the harsh realities of life in order to be successful. Every entrepreneur of today was once a hustler. No matter which successful name we choose, be it Gates, Jobs, or Zuckerberg, everybody showed us that dedication towards a goal and faith in destiny could make you a successful person.

Born on August 14, 1995, in Houston, Texas, Grant Mittelehner did not have a silver spoon in his mouth. From the very start, he knew that to be somewhere, he would have to struggle hard. Grant Mittelehner was a smart student who always aimed to get good grades. Along with his unbeatable student life, he managed to stay active by taking part in athletic events. Considering his sports involvement, Grant was given a chance to join his school’s Long Beach City College Football Team. Later on, Grant switched school to start studying at the ASA College in Brooklyn, Newyork. While his athletic interests and student life were on the rise, destiny had some other plans. As Grant was all set to graduate his college with good grades, life happened. Due to extreme financial constraints, Grant had to quit his studies at the college. But being a firm believer of his destiny, he did not take it negatively. Despite the discouragement he felt, Grant decided to enroll in a community college. Even though this decision was supposed to be a crucial one, still, his life was not ready for him to celebrate. Upon trying to get his credit hours shifted, Grant found out that his hours at the college were non-transferable.

These hardships and endless challenges will make any person fall into a huge pit of hopelessness, but regardless of any obstacle, Grant stood firm. He knew that his shift to a new college as a freshman would be a huge loss of time and finances, which is why he decided to change his life completely. Initially, Grant planned to stay at his mother’s place until he found a better source of income. While trying to find a reliable income generation, Grant worked as an Uber Driver and took every chance he could to earn a little extra. A few months later, Grant found an opportunity as a commission-based sales executive in Forth Worth, Texas, and he seized it. Slowly and gradually, with his extraordinary abilities to generate sales, Grant showed the company his worth. And in a time span of 4 months, Grant was promoted as a regional manager.

The increased number of sales and profit, which his company generated, brought money to Grant too. After saving a sufficient amount, Grant self-financed his new venture. In 2020, Grant started his own business named “Mittgroup.” With his expertise and knowledge about the field, Grant marched forward every day. Currently, Grant employs 21 sales representatives, and the “Mittgroup” does millions of revenue every month. This indicates how expert he is in the field.

Life has its own ways of examining people. Some get it all without any effort, and others have to work hard just to get a chunk. People like Grant Mittelenher are a source of motivation for all those young people who are scared to get out of their comfort zones. These people show us what determination and dedication build through struggles look like.



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