The definition of success has changed so much over time that in today’s world, it is tough to assume if a person is actually successful or just faking it. Happiness has been the ultimate priority of people for a very long time. In this search for achieving happiness, a lot of people have found their destined path, and that too deserves acknowledgment. Among the list of those who found genuine inner peace is Christopher Dines, a former DJ, author, and a mental health activist.

Every day there are thousands of individuals who hustle hard in order to earn name recognition, and appreciation. Some of these individuals become successful, while many others attain their goals to find out that happiness is an inside job. At a certain phase in life, people realize the importance of self-actualization, peace, and happiness. Sooner or later, people find their way again. The actual struggle is the road they have to go through in order to be at the ultimate level of peace.

Dines’ Journey Decoded

Once in a while, every individual has to stop and think about what they truly want. While analyzing, some take a lot of time. On the other hand, many others find the right path at the right time and make the most of their destined path. Born on August 19, 1983, in Harrow, England, Dines completed schooling at Stanborough Independent Primary School. Later on, he completed his middle schooling at Pinner Park Middle School in Harrow. He attended Nower Hill High School in Pinner. Since childhood, Dines had an interest in music. As time passed, his interest grew more and more. At the age of 15, Dines quit studying and became a DJ. It was that decision which catapulted Dines into the London nightlife in the late-1990s. Dines started getting appreciation and applause from dozens of nightclub promoters. He was hired as a DJ at different parties in the West End of London, and he also received many new opportunities and offers. While trying to make the most of this newly found recognition, Dines knew that something was not right. Even when he achieved his goals, he did not feel peaceful or happy.

As time passed, Dines’ DJ career grew, but he was unfulfilled. At that very moment, Dines realized that DJ’ing was not for him. He found peace and happiness in practicing meditation. After analyzing the right path for him personally, Dines left his career as a DJ and continued on the path of spirituality and enlightenment. With time, his serenity started to blossom, and his knowledge about inner peace increased.

With meditation and dedication, Dines was able to find calm. Today, Christopher Dines is a mental health activist who helps people find their own inner sanctuary. It is people like Dines who help others to realize serenity and discover new horizons.



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Jennifer J. Soileau

Jennifer J. Soileau

I am a writer that’s writing for more than a decade. I have transformed numerous ideas and research into words for multi-dimensional products and services.