Everyone dreams but not everyone’s dreams come true. Some put in out-of-practice effort to accomplish their goals, and some give up after confronting hurdles in the journey. No path to success is smooth; there are unseen difficulties and countless complications. In the end, one who stays true to the dream with dedication and passion wins the game of struggle. Dreams require pure dedication to come true. No one gets something without effort. Most times, people dream of fame and wealth, but not everyone becomes successful in achieving them. At an early age or after getting older, people get aspirations from their favorite stars and aim to become like them one day. The stardom does not come that way. There are countless wannabe actors, models, singers, and models passionately working to be a star, but not everyone succeeds. It requires dedication like Agnes Artych to make the dreams come true.

Success comes to those who not just wait but do whatever it takes to achieve the goals. Problems are part of life, and there is no gain without pain. Everyone who aims to gain fame needs to push forward for their passion. In the game of fame, modeling is a prominent profession — people who want to pursue their career in modeling face various complications and hurdles. The fear of rejection demotivates the individuals to try harder. The journey to becoming a model is not smooth. There are countless rejections, heartbreaks, and complexities. It might seem great from a spectator’s point of view, but only a model knows what it takes.

It is a game of the competition. The glamor and fame attract millions of individuals who try their career in the career of glory, but not everyone’s dreams come true. One who wants to find success in this industry must understand what this industry is. For instance, it requires proper fitness and a difficult routine. A common person might perceive modeling as posing or smiling, but modeling is beyond that in reality. A struggling artist suffers from various difficulties in the shape of interviews, auditions, and a lot more. The aspiring models need to stay true to the path if they want to succeed eventually. The social norms and parents’ restrictions compel the aspiring models to leave their dreams and start working on a professional career. There are various wannabe models, dancers, and actors who wanted to enjoy fame glamor, but they ended up doing compromises on their dreams. Only a few achieve their goal for what they dreamed of.

One of the shining examples among successful aspiring models is Agnes Artych. She was born on January 11, 1988, in Siedlce, Poland. Agnes wanted to be a dancer from a young age. However, she belonged to a family that had strong educational backgrounds. Agnes’s mother was a retired teacher and principal. With a stronghold in the education sector, her mother wanted Agnes to pursue her higher education in programs other than modeling or dancing. Her mother raised Agnes and her two sisters by concentrating on educational values. Agnes used to watch the dancing performance on television. She also witnessed live theatre shows, which inspired her to become a great dancer. From an early age, the model had a keen interest in the art of dance performance.

Agnes Artych had the dream of performing dance moves on the stage. However, her mother had planned something else for her. As most parents believe, Agnes’s mother also wanted her to get a degree in a field that is accepted by society. Agnes enrolled herself in a BA program and completed her mandatory degree in the German language from Jan Kochanowski University. After completing her BA, Agnes’s interest was still in art performance. She did not give up and dedicatedly started her dream journey. At this stage, most people give up on their dreams and start working in the profession they graduated on. But in the dictionary of Agnes, there was no word for giving up. She kept driving her moves towards her dreams.

Agnes Artych enrolled in another degree program at the Kielce University of Arts, where she completed her BA in dance. Like any successful artist, Agnes had a strong belief in her dreams. Although her journey started a bit late, she still enjoyed success towards her dreams. After completing her BA in dance, Agnes spent two years at the Baltic Dance Theatre. Soon, Agnes’ modeling skills were recognized by the authorities, and she portrayed her career in modeling and acting.

Agnes participated in various theatres, such as Cinderella, Romeo & Juliet, The Rite of Spring, La Traviata, Halka, and others. She also played her role in commercial music & videos, including KFC, Crown Royal, NBA, Conair, and others. She also appeared in Hollywood movies The Swan Way and R BNB.



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