Chronic stress and depression are two major issues among Millennials and Gen Z nowadays. Many are so consumed with the pressures of modern-day living that they overlook the good in their lives.

People who understand the importance of self-care feel more positive about their circumstances. Self-care plays a key role in improving a person’s life and providing physical and mental stability. People who aim to care for themselves stay away from destructive behaviours. They take proper care of their mental health, nutrition and indulge themselves in everyday exercise. As a result, they stay mentally fit, living healthy and happy lives. They are optimistic and recognize there is always hope. There are loads of examples of people who got back on track after neglecting the importance of self-care, and Christopher Dines is one of them. The British author and former house DJ, Christopher Dines, was once hooked on alcohol and cocaine. However, he got into recovery and found a motive to live.

Self-kindness is an important element of self-care. An individual who understands the concept of self-kindness will find it a lot easier to navigate their way through life’s challenges and hardships. Caring for oneself reduces stress, relaxes brain cells, improves sex, and allows people to maintain a good sleep pattern.

There are many consequences born from chronic stress, one of which is an inability to make smart decisions. However, self-care allows people to make healthy choices in life and enhance their self-esteem and confidence. Christopher Dines is helping people to do this by teaching mindfulness and writing books on meditation. He assists people through speaking and writing books on the importance of self-care.

Born on August 19, 1983, in Harrow, London, Christopher Dines started DJ’ing in 1994 and left school at 15 to go after his childhood dream of becoming a professional dance music DJ. His love of house music can be traced back to his father, who used to play dance music records to Christopher throughout his childhood. Dines’ parents encouraged him to go for his dream, breeding the confidence to embark on a career in an extremely competitive industry.

Dines quickly gained success and recognition for his DJ skills. In 1999, he DJ’ed on one of London’s most popular pirate radio stations of all time, 103.6 Flex FM. Unlike today, London was the dance music capital back in the 1990s (a bit like Las Vegas in today’s climate) and Dines was determined to get in on the action. At 16, Christopher promoted two popular British bands, The Genuis Cru and DJ Deekline, for a couple of years and DJ’ed in the famous West End of London, and at prestigious parties like City Loud at Turmills and Garage City under the pseudonyms Kris Lopez and Chris Lopez. Unfortunately, he also became addicted to hard illegal drugs while enjoying success in the DJ’ing industry. His drug and alcohol addictions got completely unmanageable, leading him to a mental breakdown at just 19. He continued using drugs for two years after his meltdown and was unable to refrain from alcohol. After hitting bottom at 21, Christopher got sober in August 2004 and took a three month break to recover. Dines even stopped going to see his beloved soccer team Arsenal FC during this fragile period. He stopped drinking and using drugs with the help of friends in recovery and attending support groups. The time off gave him the space to explore meditation.

Christopher relaunched his DJ’ing career in January 2005 at the Mint Bar in Chaweng, Koh Samui, which became a crucial venue to restore his confidence. He was given the green light to play whatever he wanted thanks to music businessman, Chris Samba, and Mint Bar owner, Simon Coe, and was introduced to techno DJ, Nakadia, and the brainchild of BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix, Eddie Gordon, therefore widening Dines’ sphere of influence. As a sober DJ, Dines toured Asia three times that same year and visited Los Angeles for the first time. He DJ’ed at Defected in the House at Pacha, Ministry of Sound, London Fashion Week, and produced underground deep house music. Dines remixed Afro Medusa’s records Beautiful Thing and Pasilda Part 2, under the alias Chris Lopez. He co-founded a deep house record label called SuCasa Beats and hosted record label parties at Plan B in Brixton.

But after deep reflection, Christopher decided to say goodbye to the electronic dance music industry. He left the scene in June 2006 and became a mindfulness teacher, and taught people how to find calm. Dines returned to adult education in his thirties and was privately tutored by Cambridge professor, Piers Bursill-Hall, learning the history of science.

Christopher Dines now speaks at wellness retreats and meditation workshops. Dines is the author of eight books including Super Self-Care, Drug Addiction Recovery, The Kindness Habit, Mindfulness Burnout Prevention, Mindfulness Meditation, Manifest Your Bliss, The Mystery of Belief, and A Ticket to Prosperity. Dines is currently working on his debut novel and consulting corporate executives, actors, and recording artists.



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