Are The Choices You Make Determined by Fate or Not?

Many people believe fate is a myth, something supernatural. But even those who do not believe in fate have at some point in their lives said or believed in the following phrases, ‘You have a guardian angel watching over you to guide your destiny’ , ‘You are very lucky to escape death’ or ‘It was just meant to be’. Some of us are confused about the events in our lives that shape our future, wondering whether our free will or fate determined them. Let us find out if our choices are governed by free will or a supernatural and divine force is guiding us through our lives?

There are many stories to explain the idea and concept of fate, especially in the Greek mythology, where there are stories about gods, goddesses, heroes, and villains. Some people believe in myths, legends, and fate because of such stories. The real question is if some people freely chose to do seemingly impossible things when needed, or was it predestined by a Higher Being for them to do so.

Fate vs. Choices

Many intellectuals have argued the idea of fate vs. free will or choices for generations. Some people have even considered fate a dominant supernatural force that can decide the course a person’s life takes, even his death. However, people who believe in God and His attributes, are firm believers of the concept of fate, that it is something which cannot be changed, altered, or escaped. In other words, nothing is impossible; it’s just inevitable. For example ‘death’ which is something that no one can escape. Certain things depend on the Will of God, who can decide our destiny. People of science believe that they are the makers of their own destiny, and thus fate has nothing to do with it.

The idea of ‘fate vs. free will’ is still a confusing concept. People who believe that their life is under the control of destiny or fate can often get disappointed because of increased expectations. Those who have sudden moments of luck or how their events can turn into something much more than what they had anticipated can become true believers of fate.

Making Certain Choices in Life

Our life’s events or experiences can certainly influence our actions or the choices we make in life. Some people may say that it was just meant to be where we have reached in our lives. However, many critics argue that it is impossible to avoid your fate. How you react to your fate by making individual choices is again a question of free will. Fate has always been an important factor in the course of history. Finally, we can say that destiny is divine from the concept of heaven and hell, and the power that controls our choices or actions directs us to our destination, no matter how hard we can try to avoid it. Certain things are always meant to happen, and all things happen for a reason.

Art DiNick, the author of the book, As Fate would have it’; has explained it beautifully that the choices we make in our lives are real and how we wonder if those choices were determined by fate or not. You can learn so much from his life’s accounts in his book about how free will and fate changed his destiny and affected his life



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